Awareness of Breast Cancer Key to Survival

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breastcancerThough October is coming to a close we should not stop spreading the word about breast cancer.  Statistics have shown that the increasing awareness has helped to decrease mortality rates at least for White females.  Sadly mortality rates have risen for African-American women.

Awareness leads to realizing that you need to know more about breast cancer and lead you to information that emphasizes the importance of early detection.  Early detection can be in the form of self-exams or routine mammograms that are recommended for women 40 and over.  NECN recently highlighted Ann Zelesky an associate athletic director at Holy Cross here in Worcester who believes early detection led to her having a better outcome.  She is currently cancer free.

The Susan G. Komen foundation has a lot of great information on their website.  It includes a statistics section with Flash based movies that go through both the statistics and risk factors for getting breast cancer.

Though progress continues to be made in the areas of diagnosing and treating breast cancer plenty of women(and some men) die from breast cancer.  Odds are you know someone who has been affected by breast cancer.  Besides being aware of your risk factors and doing your part with self-exams and regular screening there is more that all of us can do.

Spread the word not just during Breast Cancer Awareness Month but year round.  If you can give of your time and money to further research that hopefully will lead to a cure someday soon.

Here is the video from NECN about the woman from Holy Cross:

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