BBJ Ranks Worcester Top Job Market

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downtown worcesterMany naysayers may be surprised that Worcester ranked 3rd on the Boston Business Journals – ranking of the top job markets in the second quarter of 2011 but I am not surprised.  Worcester continues to have the same ingredients that make Boston as successful as it is.  Boston was ranked number one in this report and I am sure it has help from Cambridge and it is usually lumped together when it comes to metro region categories.

Worcester has some great colleges and universities as well as a strong health and biotech sector similar to the Boston-Cambridge area.  It benefits from the small startups that are incubated in the labs of schools like Worcester Polytechnic and places like Massachusetts Biotechnology Initiative.  Worcester also is jockeying for position as a hub for a growing Massachusetts Video Game industry.  NECN did a story on Worcester’s number 3 ranking that highlights the same points.

Worcester continues to have potential as the 3rd leg in the economic engine that needs to propell Massachusetts and New England further out of the economic slowdown that has affected the U.S.   Central Massachusetts needs to be a part of the growth even more now that with upcoming cuts to government spending Massachusetts overall is set to lose some significant spending from the U.S. government.

I am including the story from NECN as it further highlights the Massachusetts Biotechnology Initiative and Convergent Dental both of which have been hiring.

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