Celebrate Earth Week at EcoTarium’s Earth Day Festival

ecotariumA trip to Worcester’s EcoTarium is must for kids and adults alike but nothing brings it all together like the Earth Day Festival.  The Earth Day Festival takes place tomorrow April 23, 2010.  Though today is the official date for Earth Day this is also considered Earth Week.  I think coincidentally takes place during Massachusetts and Worcester’s spring school vacation week.

If you have not visited the EcoTarium before it is truly a unique experience with both and indoor and outdoor focus.  Both Science and Nature take center stage with outdoor walks, indoor planetarium shows and hands on exhibits.  For those that have visited Boston’s Aquarium and the Boston Museum of Science you might think of it as a mix of that combined with outdoor nature exploration.

According to the Ecotarium’s website:

EcoTarium is well rooted in the Worcester community as an organization dedicated to the study of science and nature. The private, non-profit institution was founded in 1825 as the Worcester Lyceum of Natural History and was incorporated in 1884 as the Worcester Natural History Society — EcoTarium’s legal identity. Our transition from the New England Science Center to the EcoTarium in 1998 refocused the museum on its roots in the natural sciences with a focus on hands-on exploration and discovery.

Not only does it serve Worcester, visitors come from across Central Mass and beyond.

Tomorrow’s Earth Day Festival features music entertainment, costumed characters, food and more on top of the Eco focused exhibits that were put together for Earth Week.  Tickets are reasonably priced ranging from $8 to $12 if you are not a member.  You can get discounts if you use Worcester’s Woo Card.

The EcoTarium produced it’s own video with an overview of all it has to offer.

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