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It’s hard to believe that Columbus Day weekend is upon us already.  Yes we definitely can use a long weekend but where does the time go?  In the past we have highlighted some of the fun activities that can be found in and around the Worcester and Central Massachusetts areas.  Off the top of my head you can easily use this long weekend to fit in your Apple Picking, Pumpkin Picking and your Fall Foliage trip.  You may be able to do all 3 in one.

As in the past we recommend you use some tools to plan your trips more easily.  For apple picking be sure to check out ApplePickingBoston.com.  Last year I thought they had not included the farm that we went to (HoneyPotHill) but it turns out it is on the edge of Middlesex County versus Worcester county.  Most of the apple picking orchards also have pumpkin picking as well but you should call to check if that is what you really want.

For Fall Foliage the tool we recommended last year has been updated.  The tool is maintained by the Massachusetts Office of Tourism and depending on where in Massachusetts you would like to go the Fall Foliage season is in full swing.  According to the tool the season started September 12th and is forecast to end November 13th.  Given the warm weather this year you might be better off waiting a week or 2 unless you are going way out to Western Mass this weekend.

Another cool function of the tool though is that it has an events option where you can see what events might be going on for a particular week.  For instance this weekend The Third Annual Blackstone Valley Fall Family Festival is going to be taking place in Whitinville, MA which is less than a half hour south of Worcester and north of Uxbridge.  Lastly closer to home at the DCU Center you can catch the Barnum and Bailey Circus.  They will be here through the weekend and tickets are still available.

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