Don’t Miss Dinosaurs at Worcester’s DCU Center

Walking With the Dinosaurs Comes to Worcester

Walking With the Dinosaurs Comes to Worcester

When you think of “Arena Spectacular” do you think of dinosaurs?  I admit it I think of Monster Jam Truck type of events.  Walking with the Dinosaurs surprisingly is not new though it may be new to Worcester and Massachusetts.  I first heard of this realistic dinosaur show from a friend who had seen it in Connecticut.  I did not know exactly what it was though.  It has been touring the US since 2007 though it just started touring the UK in 2009.

The arena show is based on a BBC television series that brought dinosaurs to life via animation and vivid story telling.  The show features life size automated versions of a variety of dinosaurs.  A mix of fascinating and scary it is sure to delight as well as educate.

The show is going to be at the Worcester DCU Center on Father’s Day weekend.  I have already purchased tickets for the 20th.  As of this writing there are still tickets available for Father’s Day.  Whether it’s Father’s Day or Mother’s Day a good family event can complement the celebration.  You can get tickets both online or at the DCU box office if your are passing by the area.

Since I had not seen the show I looked at the website to make sure it was not too scary for my youngest who is a 7 year old.  I think he will be OK since he loves some shows that even scare me(think Ben 10).  I also looked for some videos too.  I am including one that will give you an idea of what it’s all about.  It has a child talking in the background and they don’t seem too scared but they are asking questions non-stop as the narrator tells the story in the background.  It did film the end of the show though so you may not want to look at the whole thing if you want to be “surprised”.

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