Enjoying Bruins Stanley Cup Playoffs

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bruins banner on tdgardenHaving our own hockey team we get a chance to enjoy some good hockey closer to home with the Worcester Sharks but there is no denying that the Boston Bruins being in the NHL playoffs is just as exciting for local Central Massachusetts hockey fans.  Even more exciting since they finally made it into the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs again.  Sadly this series has brought out some of the worst in hockey and though I confess I may be biased the Canucks started the deterioration.  OK, OK maybe not all the Canucks but the Burrows finger biting seemed to be the starting domino.

As a hockey fan I have come to expect some of the hard hits and even some of the brawling that comes with men’s hockey but I confess the concussion saga that the Bruins have been going through over the last few years demonstrates that something has got to change.  I am looking forward to a good game tonight which hopefully takes the best of what the Bruins changed to win in such a convincing fashion.  Intensity and physicality are part of the game and sadly the hit on Horton did rev up the Bruins intensity.  They need to keep that intensity and focus on scoring goals which until Game 3 had been few and far between.  Tim Thomas can be an incredible goalie but to win the series the Bruins will have to score more goals.  Of course we can’t expect 8 goals from the Bruins at every game but Game 3 definitely showed that the Bruins can score.

I could have shown a video here with the awful hit on Horton or some more in the Burrows finger biting saga but I thought it would be better to enjoy Game 3 highlights of all those goals!  As we get ready to enjoy Game 4 Bruin’s Nation should  focus on enjoying the game of hockey not the soap opera that can distract our players…

Game 3 Bruins versus Canucks Highlights 2011 Stanley Cup Play Offs

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