Jason Bay An AllStar and a US Citizen to boot!

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Yesterday my family and I headed into Fenway Park for a RedSox game.  Though we have the Worcester Tornadoes it is still nice to go in and see the Red Sox.  The experience makes for a nice day trip for the family.

The Red Sox won 8 to 4 against the Seattle Mariners.  The Red Sox had their hands full this weekend with the Mariners and thankfully avoided a sweep.  With the likes of Suzuki and Landerhans(Batting .385) it isn’t surprising.

We had originally planned to stay to the 7th inning but we were having so much fun we stayed until the end and took pictures with Fenway Park in the back drop.

Worcester baseball as a Canadian connection since the Worcester Tornadoes are part of the CanAm League.  My daughters favorite player is Jason Bay who is originally from British Columbia.  On July 2nd he became a US citizen at a ceremony at Faneuill Hall in Boston.  He will retain his Canadian citizenship though.

Though Jason has been in a slump recently he continues to prove that trading Manny Ramirez was a wise move.  The team seems to be much better with him.  He also got a hit yesterday which made my daughter happy.

At the game it was announced that Jason Bay was named as a member of this year’s AllStar Team.  He is one of 6 Red Sox players, which is pretty impressive for both him and the team.

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