Kimball Farm Keeps Adding to the Fun

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Kimball's New Batting Cages in Westford ©

Kimball's New Batting Cages in Westford ©

Kimball Farms is a new favorite place for our family.  We mainly go there for miniature golf but this weekend we found a new attraction, batting cages.

We have written about Kimball Farm before when we visited for the first time last summer.  Believe it or not we have yet to have the Ice Cream there even though it is a main attraction.  This could be witnessed by the mega line in front of the Ice Cream side.

The reason why we haven’t had the ice cream yet is that we end up having a real lunch or dinner there which is quite filling.  They offer the basics like chicken fingers and hot dogs for the the kids but what we like is the seafood.  My husband loves their lobster roll and I can’t find clam strips anywhere else that are better.

On this trip we did the miniature golf as usual and though it was fun it was pretty crowded since it was a holiday weekend.  We also went into the arcade area which is called the Old Sawmill Midway.  Our family can be categorized as sports crazy so we loved the football, basketball, baseball and air hockey games.

We have found that one day is really not enough to cover everything we want to do at the Westford Kimball Farm location.  Though we took a look at the state of the art batting cages that they just opened we didn’t have time to actually try them out.  Believe it or not we haven’t gone to the Country Store part yet either.

Some bigger news for those of us in Central Mass may be that they have opened a new location in Lancaster.  You will be able to try out the Ice Cream and Seafood and even visit their Country Store.  If you want all of the sports attractions though you will still have to go to the Westford location(at least for now) which is not a big deal since they are both about the same distance away from Worcester depending on where you start of course(Lancaster is about 10 minutes closer).  Either way Kimball Farm is a great family outing.

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  1. James says:

    Well, they would add a mini golf and a bumper boat there at the lancaster location, but I would like to add something unique there, since the westford location and the lancaster location is about 20 minutes apart (go 110 west, then 495 south, then 2 west, and then 70 south, and you are at the lancaster location), and start busing people between the two locations.

    I do believe that the lancaster and the westford locations would be the two main locations.

    Oh yea, there’s two other locations- one in Jaffery New Hamshire and one in Carlisle.

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