Mayor O’Brien Puts a Focus On Local Worcester Businesses

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Courtesty of NECN

Courtesty of NECN

While campaigning Mayor O’Brien emphasized the importance of improving the local economy and improving the business climate in Worcester. As part of that initiative he recently started his “Locally Owned, Locally Made” campaign where he visits local Worcester businesses. The point is to promote the businesses in manufacturing.

The first business highlighted is the maker of the Worcester’s Keys to the City which is located right next to Worcester City Hall. The key maker is Guertin Graphics and Awards. They make more than just keys. They engrave all sorts of trophies and awards as well. They’ve been in business for over 40 years.

This is a great initiative that will hopefully be expanded to include non-manufacturing businesses.  The “Think Local” movement has been going on for a while all across the country as the bad economy drives small local businesses to the brink.  Restaurants, dry cleaners, plumbers and electricians are also part of the local economy.

Highlighting businesses is a good start.  The next stage needs to include attracting new business to Worcester.  This is a necessary piece of creating jobs.  Capitalizing on its manufacturing strengths while exploring and developing new industries in the the Worcester area is the challenge that Mayor O’Brien will need to spearhead.  The coordinated cooperation between all stakeholders in the community that the Mayor highlighted in his inauguration speech will be critical for job growth in Worcester.

Here is the Mayor visiting Guertin courtesy of NECN:

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