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hauntedhousesmIs this the year you are going to throw that Halloween Party you always have thought about?  In Part 2 of this year’s Worcester Halloween Guide we will be looking at ideas for throwing the best Halloween Party you can afford.  Last year’s post still stands as a good resource for the steps for Planning Your Halloween Party.  This year as you keep those steps in mind I wanted to add a few more tips.

Last year we talked a bit about kids Halloween Parties.  Those can be pretty easy to throw since we are trained from throwing those must have birthday parties.  Pick a theme, plan some Halloween Games with some cool yet not too scary Halloween Food Recipes and most kids will be thrilled.  Never mind the candy that is usually involved.

For this year more of the focus is on throwing more of an adult Halloween Party.  Though you can still go the scary route like the routine haunted house with smoke machines and machete wielding figures you can also go with themed parties like:

  • Halloween Masquerade Ball
  • SuperHero and Supervillain Convention
  • Vampire Theme(Pick your movie, pick your show or all the above)
  • Mad Men Party (What women do not want to dress up in those types of outfits/costumes)

In addition to the Halloween Food Recipe ideas provided on the recommended sites last year do a search for Halloween drinks on the Food Network site we recommended.  This will provide you with some great ideas for spooky adult drinks.

I found a couple of books that also are full of ideas for bringing your Halloween Parties to the next level.



Both these “How to” books a pretty inexpensive and will be useful for Halloween Party ideas year in and year out.

Many Halloween props and decorations are available at you local stores too. As mentioned in Part 1 that discussed Halloween Costumes, The Halloween Outlet offers quite a bit for all things Halloween.

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