Planning Your Halloween Party 2009

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halloweendecorHalloween parties can be so much fun.  Whether you are planning one for your children or for yourself this year you can go all out.  This year Halloween falls on Saturday so stay up late and have some fun.  In Part 2 of our Worcester Halloween Planning Guide we will cover the steps to pulling off a great Halloween party.

Here are the areas to think about:

  • Halloween Party Invitations
  • Halloween Party Themes & Party Supplies
  • Halloween Party Games & Recipes
  • Halloween Party Decorations

You can be tempted to think of these in order but you need to think them all through so that you will have a party that comes together well.  I am going to lay them out they way that I think of them.

Halloween Party Themes & Party Supplies

For kids you usually find a good deal of theme ideas.  You can get ideas by visiting your local department stores like Target or the Worcester area stores mentioned in Part 1 of the Worcester Halloween Planning Guide.  Pirate themed parties continue to be popular not just for kids but for adult Halloween parties too.  Harry Potter themed parties can also be a good choice depending on the age group of the kids.  You can also usually get Party Supplies to that match your theme at the stores.  The online costume stores mentioned in Part 1 also offer party supplies so you may be able to get it all in one place.  ShinDigz also seems to be a popular online choice.

Halloween Party Decorations

Decorations can also be a part of the section above but I break it out because I think it covers to parts.  The first is decorating the inside of your house for your party and the other decorating the outside of your house not just for the party but for visiting trick or treaters too.  Decorating the inside of your house should be based on the theme of your party.  Party props are also available at local stores if you can’t find what you are looking for online.  There are cool options like mummies and monsters that can be placed around the house.

Decorating the outside of your house is usually very easy.  There are so many standard decorations like ghosts, witches and pumpkins that can do the trick.  It all depends on how into it you are.  You can actually go all out with props leading to your door that convey a haunted house type of feeling.  It’s all up to you.  Again ideas are aplenty at both the local Worcester and online Halloween stores.

Halloween Party Games & Recipes

Once you have your theme picked out you may have specific Halloween Party Games in mind.  Many folks just choose the traditional “bobbing for apples” type games.  If you want to go all out you can Google “Halloween Party Games” and you will get more ideas than you can handle.  Of course, kids parties will have different games than adult games so be sure to check out both depending on your party.

Halloween recipes to horrify and gross out your guests are also abundant on the internet.  Food related stations like the Food Network offer some ideas in that area.  Home magazines like Woman’s Day and Better Homes and Gardens also offer some great ideas.  For kids you might want to consider some Halloween recipe ideas from Disney.

Halloween Party Invitations

Why leave this for last?  It all depends whether you want to send out themed party invitations or not.  If you haven’t decided on your Halloween Party theme you can’t send them out.  If you don’t care and just want to send out generic Halloween party invitations that is a good choice too.  That way you make sure your guest keep the date free without pressuring you into party choices before you are ready.

In the last part of our 2009 Worcester Halloween Guide we will be providing information and ideas for Halloween Events and Activities in the Worcester Area.

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