President McAleese Lays Wreath at Worcester City Hall

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As mentioned in the last post President McAleese was to visit Worcester on Memorial Day.  I did not think we would be able to make the wreath laying ceremony in Worcester but we happened to be out and about in Central Massachusetts and the timing was great.  My husband’s background is Irish so having our children see President McAleese visiting Worcester and the Massachusetts area is a great honor.

President McAleese had been in Springfield, Massachusetts earlier in the day for a luncheon.  She had given the commencement speech at Mount Holyoke in South Hadley, Massachusetts on Sunday where she gave an inspirational speech which can be found on the Mount Holyoke website.

As a woman with a daughter it is great to point out women in leadership roles and the important views that they bring to the table.  Also being able to point out that the Mayor of Worcester is also a woman(Mayor Lukes) just emphasizes the in roads that are being made for women.

President McAlees walked to the Celtic Cross monument with Mayor Lukes and Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray.  She seemed very somber as she laid down the wreath at the bottom of the monument.  My family and I looked on with a bunch on onlookers from the Worcester Common side of city hall.  She waved as she went off to the Hibernian Hall for a more formal gathering of the Irish Community in Worcester.

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