Senator Brown Kicks off His Reelection Campaign in Worcester

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Senator Scott Brown of MassachusettsSenator Brown kicked off his reelection campaign last night here in Worcester at Mechanics Hall.  He has been pretty active in the Worcester area having hosted a Job Fair recently.  He continues to paint himself as an outsider but he will be challenged this time by another strong opponent that also paints herself as an outsider.

The question will be whether his record will hold scrutiny as something that supports his stance as an independent voice.  From my perspective it has been a bit of a mix which does support an independent streak.  One of the interesting things so far is that Senator Brown has remained a bit low key with his Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren being much more “out there” trying to get her message across.

The key issue in the coming campaigns whether it is the national presidential campaign or the Senate race will be jobs and that is where Elizabeth Warren may have her Achilles Heel.  Job creation will take a bipartisan approach.  She will need to step forward with more than just ideals she will need to offer ideas to help not just the Massachusetts job market but the US job market as well.

Is Scott Brown an underdog in this race?  Well since Massachusetts has been such a blue state any Republican will always be faced with strong full out assaults especially after Martha Coakley’s lay low approach gave Senator Brown the seat in the first place.  What Senator does have though is at least a track record not just in Washington but in his interactions with his constituents as well.  Even though it is only 2 years it is more that Warren has.

Warren did also come to Worcester yesterday as well emphasizing that the people like those in Worcester and Central Mass represent why she got into the race.  It will be interesting to see how much more time she spends here as the campaign continues.

For more information about both campaigns be sure to visit there websites:

Here is a video courtesy of which shows Scott Brown at his recent Job Fair here in Worcester at Worcester State University where more than 3000 people came in hopes of getting closer to their next job…

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