Shrewsbury St. John’s Students Reunited in China

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h1n1According to a statement updated this past Wednesday, June 24th the students that were quarantined by China have been reunited.  The news that students from Saint John’s High School were being quarantined in both Beijing and Shanghai due to the Swine Flu had parents understandably concerned.

Thankfully they seem to be well and will continue a shortened tour in China.

Did China go to far?  They continue to be the most aggressive country when it comes to quarantining anyone suspected of having the swine flu.  This was not the first class trip that was affected.  There is at least one other one in California that I can remember.

As long as the kids are safe and they have been treated nicely I think China should do what they think is the safest thing for their country.  The way they dealt with the SARS breakout must have given them some indication about how aggressive they should be on the epidemic front.

May the students of Saint John’s High School have a great rest of their trip!

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