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The voice of reason seems to be coming from Southwick Zoo in the recent back and forth going on about closing zoos in Massachusetts.  You probably have not been able to escape the backlash of Zoo New Englands statements that the Franklin Park and Stoneham Zoos will have to close if budget cuts from the state of Massachusetts go through.

According to the Globe these statements were made by the president of Zoo New England, John Linehan.  The bigger controversy is over the statement that some of the animals may have to be euthanized.

Moving past the politics of it the statement from Linehan did get what he wanted publicity.  The question is whether it is the right publicity.  Everyone in Massachusetts and the US is learning to do more with less.  I am not saying that a $4 million cut can be overcome but I do think that as Governor Patrick has advised Zoo New England should look at all of their options for saving money and preserving the tradition of it’s Franklin Park and Stoneham Zoos.

Southwick’s Wild Animal Farm is private and is run with money from tickets and concessions.  They are willing to take at least some of the animals if it comes to that and there are obviously other places that would take the animals here or in other parts of the country that could take the rest.  If I were Zoo New England I would be looking at models like those of the Southwick Zoo and see if I could make them work so that I am not as dependent on State Funding.

Many New Englanders are going the staycation route this year.  I recommend that you visit one of our Zoos if you want them to be here in the future.

Zoo New England

Southwick’s Zoo Located in Central Mass in Mendon

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