stART On The Street Brings the Art Festival to Spring

startstreetspring“Started” back in 2002 stART on the Street takes Art to the Street in an effort to showcase Worcester’s art and culture.  Most people think of the stART on the Street festival as taking place in September and it does but they also are putting on a Spring Edition this weekend.  It is taking place on North Main Street in Worcester from 11am to 5pm on Sunday and best of all it is free.

The art festival/fair is scheduled to have over 135 local artists and craft makers who will be selling their work.  These artists come from beyond Worcester as well since the fair also highlights Central Mass artist too.  They are also having performers and restaurants participating as well.  The fall festival was bigger at about 250 participants but I think having the spring version in a different location makes it more accessible.  There is a list of participating artist and craft makers as well as performers on the stART website.  A couple of Worcester School Choruses and the Rich Brown Band are just a sampling.

These festivals usually include some good youth activities so it is a good trip out for the family.  My 7 year old son recently one of his “works” chosen for his school’s art gallery exhibit.  It is great to see both my children exhibiting an appreciation of art that can last throughout their lives.

For more information about the stART in the Street Spring Fair including more specific location information please visit the stART website.

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