Tom Brady Fans Breathe a Sigh of Relief

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Last night’s Patriot’s preseason game against the Bengals was “highlighted” by a couple of big hits on Tom Brady.  My family and I decided to catch this preseason game at Gillette Stadium to catch a glimpse of Tom Brady in “real” action.  As you may recall we attended a training camp session recently and were quite impressed with it as a family day trip from Worcester.

We thought that a preseason game would be low key enough to bring our young kids.  For the most part it was a good experience.  Unfortunately you can’t avoid some bad behavior and crude comments from a professional football crowd.  Other than that we were lucky to get tickets on the 50 yard line and even though they were in the 300 Section the view was great, especially since we were sitting in the front of the section with a fence in front of us.  Basically no one is sitting in front of you.



Tom Brady only stayed in the game for a couple of series before they brought in Kevin O’Connell (which is when some of the crude comments were being thrown around).  Tom Brady was taken down pretty hard by Bengals 91 and in the news highlights you could see that he landed on his injured leg.  He got up and seemed fine but there was a big groan from the Gillette Stadium crowd when he went down.

The game itself was pretty lackluster as Coach Belichick emphasized in his usual understated press conference.  I think they probably would have kept Brady in the game longer if he hadn’t taken some hits.  These are really the first hits he’s received since rehab so you don’t want to take any chances.  It would have made for a better game though.  As preseason games go though you usually don’t expect the best play.

If you have younger kids I would recommend going to a New England Revolution game as a more Rated G type of outing.

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