Worcester Celebrates Veterans Day 2009

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Worcester is planning to celebrate Veterans Day with pancakes.  OK, OK with more than pancakes.  According to the Telegram a pancake breakfast is to be held at the Massachusetts Veterans Inc., 69 Grove St..  The pancakes are very appropriate given that the mission of Massachusetts Veterans, Inc. is to help homeless veterans with shelter and food.  You can get more information regarding the parade and the wreath laying on the announcement.

Veterans Day this year has become even more symbolic because of the unfortunate incident at Fort Hood in Texas.  Though Memorial Day is focused on those that died in military battle, Veterans Day is meant to honor both the living and the dead who have served in the US military during both war and peace.  The Fort Hood Memorial Services to be held tomorrow will be especially significant being on Veterans Day.  Though I’ve had cousins in the armed forces we have been blessed with never having to bury one.

In this hustle bustle world it is easy just to think of Veterans Day as just another day off but we should remember the sacrifices that our military and their families make each and every day.  Whether you have family in the military or not they work and fight everyday for all of us.

If you need a refresher on what Veterans Day is all about visit the government website which also includes a great teaching guide for children.

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