Worcester Councilor Haller Advocate for Victims

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Courtesy of NECN.com

Courtesy of NECN.com

Worcester City Councilor Barbara Haller has been front and center in the effort to slow down the increase in level 3 sex offendors.  She has compiled a list/book with pictures of sex offendors that she recently showed at National Night out.  The information was gathered from the sex offender registry which can be accessed online.  She has complied this data since 2005 and is in the process of trying to pass legislation that will put better restrictions on where level 3 sex offenders can live.

According to NECN the laws will include:

In addition to an ordinance that would ban level 3 offenders from living or working within 1000 feet of school or park, she’s requesting the city prohibit landlords from renting to more than one level 3 offender in the same building. And prohibiting owners from renting to more than one if they have multiple units on the same street.

Though to many this seems like common sense.  Opponents are saying that tougher laws may force sex offenders not to register.  I think Councilor Haller should be applauded for her persistence and hopefully the laws will pass.  Similar laws have been passed in Fitchburg and West Boylston.

Here are 2 videos from NECN that fill in more of the details:

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