Worcester Gets New Brewing Company

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wormtownbrewingLet’s face it, locally brewed beer is just plain cool. Worcester recently added a new brewery to it’s ranks. The WormTown Brewing company which was recently profiled on NECN is not only brewing great beer but helping the economy. New businesses are needed to help grow our economy.

In the last 10 years beer has grown is sophistication particularly due to local brewers expanding the market.  Many people who say they don’t like beer will actually like many of the less harsh beers in the pale ale categories.  Massachusetts based Samuel Adams (Boston Beer Company) has actually had much success bringing their beer to the masses.  Nothing truly beats a “homemade” and recently made beer though.

Ben Roesch the brewer at the Worcester brewery makes 300 gallons at a time.  It is so popular it is consumed within 2 weeks after it is made.  The freshness factor according to owner Tom Oliveri is what makes these beers popular and what has fueled the growth in local breweries.  They actually make their own mash in the morning instead of using anything that is premade.

With summer almost here at the Boston Red Sox already playing it’s a great time to try some fresh beer.  Instead of trekking down to Boston to get something at the Boston Beer Works just head over to the WormTown Brewery next to Peppercorn’s on Park Ave.

Here’s the NECN story:

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