Worcester “Represents” at Head of Charles

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If you aren’t from Worcester you may not see it as a good place for the sport of rowing but you would be wrong.  Lake Quinsigamond has been the home of competitive rowing since 1857.  This past weekend I spent some time covering the Head of the Charles Regatta on the Charles River.  This prestigious rowing event welcomes rowers from not only the country but the world.

This year the weather was fifty fifty with Saturday being a beautiful day for rowing and Sunday being a “blizzard”.  I confess I did not attend much of the Sunday activities due to the weather.  You have to admire the competitiveness of the rowers that participated on Sunday.  They did not let the Noreaster dampen their spirits.

As I was listening to the announcer/spotter on Saturday he noted that someone from the Quinsigamond Community Rowing Club was helping him out.  Contrary to popular belief the event is not just colleges.  Countries and community rowing clubs are represented as well.  It definitely felt more like attending an Olympic event.  The strength and conditioning needed is Olympic level.  It is definitely harder than it looks.

Of the Worcester Colleges that participated Worcester Polytechnic actually medaled in the Men’s Varsity Eight race by coming in 4th.  Assumption College and Holy Cross also participated.  There are 55 races to compete over the course of the 2 days.  Full 2009 Head of the Charles results can be found on the official website.  This weekend WPI is hosting the Quinsigamond Invitational for Novices on Saturday.  Hopefully the weather forecast will improve since the current forecast is for rain.

For more information on learning to row in the Worcester area or viewing the regattas on Quinsigamond Lake visit the Quinsigamond Rowing Association site.  Though the season is close to it’s end activities will start back up in March.

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