Worcester Struggles With More Snow

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Is This Commute Coming?

Is This Commute Coming?

As Worcester and Massachusetts residents struggle with where to put all the snow we have to take a step back and laugh.  If you don’t laugh you are going to cry and as New England residents we just can’t do that.  My sister sent the picture posted on this article.  I have to say not only did I laugh but I was amazed.  How did they do that?  I will have to assume it is somehow “photo shopped”.

As painful as it also is that the city is overrunning their snow removal budget there is just the plain reality that there are very few options about where to put any more snow.  With little melting seen in the future it seems the snow is going to be around for a while and we all have to be extra careful.

Here are just a few of the areas that come to mind as Worcester navigates through a very snowy winter:

1) Take your time shoveling.  We have seen both heavy snow and light snow and with all of the shoveling injuries and worse yet heart attacks are just a snow shovel away if you don’t pace yourself or ask for help.

2) If you are walking be very careful.  Not only are people being forced into the street to walk the paths that have been shoveled may be slippery still underneath that fresh coat of snow.

3) As the below video from NECN will attest, driving in Worcester is becoming even more challenging as each snow storm forces the streets to become narrower.  Not only are you avoiding pedestrians you also need to make sure you are driving slow enough to see over or around the piles of snow.

4) Lastly take a look at your roof and gutters.  My house has ice dams that already have started to cause leaks in our house.  We are planning to have them removed this weekend.  You would be surprised how much snow can weigh as it piles up on your roof.

Here is the video from NECN, stay safe and don’t forget to laugh!

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