Worcester Tornadoes Will Miss Gedman and Peterman

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When I first heard the news that Rich Gedman was leaving the Worcester Tornadoes I have to say I was pretty sad.  Having such a popular local figure like Gedman as coach of the Tornadoes definitely had it’s advantages. Having Peterman leaving also within the last couple of months also is a downer.

We’ve written about the value of having local and affordable family entertainment options often on this news blog.  The Worcester Tornadoes provide a very affordable and fun family experience and I am sure that won’t change even with the departure of  Dave “Peterman” Peterson who made the games fun with his contests and energy but you have to admit the atmosphere will probably be a little different.

In all honesty I thought more of these moves would have taken place last year when the team changed ownership.  The party line is that there are no hard feelings and that both Gedman and Peterson had been looking for a change for a while.  The Telegram wrote an insightful article about Rich Gedman’s departure from the Worcester Tornadoes.  You definitely get the sense that Gedman did not like the day to day management of a team and that he welcomes his new hitting coach role with the Lowell Spinners.  Having also gone to some of the Lowell Spinners games I have to say the experience is pretty similar to the family oriented Worcester Tornadoes experience.

Though we will miss both Rich Gedman and Peterman we wish them well and look forward to the new Worcester Tornadoes Season which is set to have it’s opening night on the May 30th.  We are also excited knowing that though Rich is leaving his son Mike has signed on to the Tornadoes as a pitcher(definite family resemblance).

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