Worcester VegFest 2010 – Bringing Health Together with Conscience

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worcestervegetariansWorcester State College will be hosting this weekend’s 2010 Worcester Vegfest.  If you are a vegetarian or ever thought of being one here is your chance to get informed.  As the VegWorcester website states:

Our event features socially responsible businesses, inspiring speakers, musicians, and lots of free samples of tasty vegan food.

The event will include speakers that cover the reasons for being a vegan both from a health perspective and from a stop animal cruelty perspective.  I confess I am not a Vegetarian but I have thought a lot about making more healthy eating choices for both myself and my family which includes 2 young children.

As health issues continue to plague our society it makes sense that the Vegetarian movement will continue to gain steam.  Philosophy professor John Sanbonmatsu of Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is scheduled to speak on the animal rights movement and how it connects to veganism and furthermore into the social justice movement.  Tying it all together should provide for a very interesting  discussion.

VegFest will be taking place at Worcester State College’s Student Center at 486 Chandler Street.  Worcester State College was recently highlighted for their Community Service efforts in Worcester.  They were on the Honor Roll List.

Taking the conscience issue out of the equation(if you can) many people find eating out and cooking to be a challenging part of being a vegetarian.  At VegFest there will be free food samples and a great resource for restaurants can be found on the VegWorcester website.  They have a list of vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the Worcester Area.

For more information on Worcester VegFest including the schedule of presenters and musicians please visit VegWorcester.  It takes place this Saturday from 12-5pm.

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