Worcester’s Becker College to Lead the Way for MassDigi

VideoGamersThis week Lieutenant Governor Murray announced the official kickoff of the Massachusetts Digital Institute whose purpose will be to promote the growing video gaming industry in Massachusetts.  The organization otherwise know as MassDigi will be spearheaded by our own Becker College that is ranked in the top 10 for it’s video game design program.  The beginning of this initiative actually dates back to last December where the idea was presented but the details had yet to be hashed out.

Some might say that this is a reaction to the departure of Kurt Schilling‘s company 38 Studios to Rhode Island but our impression is that it is part of Governor Patrick’s continuing efforts to bring more business to Massachusetts.  The Institute is centered on the industry itself versus just one company and that is not only better for the state but a safer use of funds given that some of the grants to specific companies like Evergreen Solar have not panned out.

The goal of the institute is to:

Statewide institute brings together industry, academia and public sector to foster job growth and economic development.

With a strong base of companies and educational institutions already in Massachusetts the broader goal is to not just build startups that might eventually leave but also to grow companies that will produce jobs in our state.  The Lieutenant Governor also announced the new site within the Massachusetts It’s All Here website focused on making it easier for students to find internship opportunities in the state.  Companies are encouraged to use the site to post and promote their internships on the StayHere.

There are a variety of organizations supporting this initiative and the full plan can be found on the official MassDigi.org website.  There you can download the plan which as of this writing is about 50 pages.  You can also get more information on the official press release from the governor’s office.

Back in January WBZ did a story on this initiative.  It shows President Robert Johnson of Becker College as well as Murray…


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