Worcester’s Closest IMAX 3D Theater

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imax3dWorcester movie fans don’t  not have to go far to experience the best in 3D Film offerings.  This weekend the much anticipated Where the Wild Things Are opens in theaters.  Whether you are a fan of the book or not experiencing the movie in IMAX 3D is sure to be an amazing experience.

The closest IMAX is at Jordan Furniture’s Natick location, which is about 35 minutes away depending on where you start.  It’s even closer if you are coming from other areas of Central Mass.  My family and I are frequent visitors but the movies aren’t just for kids.  Movies like Star Trek and the last Terminator are examples of movies for an older audience.

With the advent of HD and Blu-Ray many thought that there isn’t much more you could do to improve the movie going experience but 3D has proven them wrong.  Many people won’t shell out top dollar to go out to a movie nowadays.  They can save money by renting movies to view on their HD or Blu-Ray players from the comfort of their own home.  The 3D experience has proven to be enough to get movie lovers back into the theaters.

Movie studios are shelling out the extra bucks in production to add the 3D versions to many movies and it may become even more standard as advances are made for 3D capabilities at home.  If you have not experienced IMAX 3D I highly recommend it.  The look on my children’s faces as they reached out to touch what appeared to be characters and objects on the screen was priceless.

We recently went to see Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs and caught a preview of Disney’s A Christmas Carol with Jim Carey.  Though we might not get the chance to see Wild Things we definitely plan to see A Christmas Carol.

Tickets are a little more expensive than going to a normal movie ranging from $10.50 to $11.50.  I usually end up buying them online because the shows I want always seem to be sold out when I get there.  This adds $1.25 to each ticket.  Another thing to consider is getting to the theater early even if you order online since you have to pick up your tickets and get in line in the first come first serve style line to get into the theater.  The better place you get in line the better your seat…

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  1. I can highly recommend How to Train Your Dragon. My children and I left the theater feeling as though we were actually flying on the back of a dragon. The movie has the usual moving parent child storyline which let’s face it, I am a sap for. Having Gerard Butler as the voice of the head of the Vikings who is also the boy Hiccup’s father is a great touch. It brought me back to some scenes from the movie 300.

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